Hailing from Singapore, ROBERT NALIN is a well-respected drummer who is much sought after & well known for his balance of technical precision with innovative and stylized grooves through-out various music genres.


As a young child of a music-loving family, Robert was first inspired by the blood-stirring rhythms at Indian temples. As a teenager he started playing in a rock band with fellow schoolmates such as Michael DeSouza, Nicholas


DeSilva and a well-known local singer/writer, director for COMPASS composers and author’s society, Mel Ferdinands who is also currently a Senior Director for SAF Film Company.


Throughout the 80s he widened his repertoire by playing pop and rock music in various bands throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. In Taiwan, Robert worked with artistes such as Fei Xiang and Kao Ling Fung. In Singapore he played with the legendary rock band The Blackjacks and worked with many producers like S. Atan for the Malay Radio and TV Programmes, plus studio recordings for Malay traditional songs. He also performed with Iskandar Ismail (local producer and musical arranger) with a band called Hangloose featuring Kaye Hamid on vocals. Robert has also toured and recorded with legendary rock singer and producer, Ramli Sarip.


The experience gained from playing and performing with a variety of different bands in the region exposed Robert to many different styles of music. As the 90’s approached he began to explore more deeply his growing passion for Latin, Jazz, Funk and R&B grooves.


In 1990, Robert performed with American bass player Paul Jackson, guitarist John Kaizan from Japan, Lewis Pragasam ‘Father of Drums’ in Malaysia and Steve Thornton for the ASIABEAT and ‘Friends DRUMUSIQUE Concert’ at the Singapore Conference Hall. During this period, he also performed with Anita Sarawak’s band called Singapore Swing at all the Hard Rock Cafés across Asia. Robert was one of the original member has also performed with local percussion group, Tribal Tide.


In 1995, Robert was invited to play with the Gypsy Kings in their concert in Singapore at the Harbour Pavilion. At that time he also played with Sixty-Six Jam and Déjàvu, a local world music band fronted by local singer, Wendi Koh. Robert performed with Bandoleros in 1997 at Mambo Kings with Antonio Caffiero from Chile and Manuel Campos Reina from Sevilla, Spain - he has also played with renowned flamenco guitar player, Jose Luis Dominguez and Antonia Paz from Spain.


In 1996, Nalin spent 18 months in Europe and Asia Pacific playing with a number of bands including Cuban band, Salsa Mania. On his return to Singapore he joined Latin fusion band IRESON with Robert as “the groove master” while giving him the opportunity to further explore his love for Latin Jazz. From 1998 onwards he has performed in numeorous festivals such as CHIJMES Festival Singapore, WOMAD Music Festivals in Singapore, MOSAIC music festivals at Esplanade with both local and international artistses and many Asia-Pacific music festivals.


From early 2000 Robert was performing and recording with well-respected and phenomenal regional artist, the late Paul Ponnudorai, regularly gigging in a club called SWING (formerly a haven for musicians), as well at that time with a trio called Charisma featuring the late pianist Michael Stanton and bassist Marcus Dengate, featuring both local and international singers such as Anne Weerapass, Denise Mininfield, Ernesta Dunbar, Alemay Fernandez,Vanessa Fernandez, and Beverly Morata. Robert has also performed with Local Singer/Keyboardist, Wynne Sandosham and Singer/Bass Player, Casey Subramanian from Malaysia and of course internationally recognised pianist Jeremy Monteiro. Robert has continued on to become an in-demand studio drummer. His more significant associations in the studio have been with Spanish guitarist Yoni Vidal from Spain and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra for the Millennium Concert.


For the past 16 years Robert ha been an educator, passing on his skills and knowledge to students at the Australian International School Singapore. Notibly, he has been inducted into the Zildjian’s global family of endorsed artists alongside two other Singapore ambassadors, Mark de Souza and Tama Goh, conducting Zildjian Clinics at the YAMAHA Combo showroom at Plaza Singapura. Robert was the brains behind ZILDJIAN DAY Singapore on 16th May 2015 which was held in the Coral Dixon Theatre at the Australian International School Singapore. ZILDJIAN Day had an awesome turnout as it was also the first ever ZILDJIAN Day in Singapore together with Tama Goh and Mark DeSouza, featuring all the young drummers from International and local schools across Singapore.


Robert is a key facilitator in the renowned STIX - Motivation Through Music group, a company of musicians that turn conference audiences into orchestras to highlight the importance of team dynamics led by Mr Duncan McKee from London. STIX empowers participants with the ability to perform music together, just like a professional symphony orchestra, and by doing so demonstrates the true power of teamwork.


Robert Nalin has released a DVD called ‘Beat The Rhythm’ which he produced himself - It is based on a percussion concert featuring local and international percussionists performing on stage with the students from the Australian International School Singapore. All of which are original compositions. This is the first ever concert produced by a local drummer/percussionist in Singapore and the first ever DVD done in the Australian International School. He also directed, produced and performed for the Beat The Rhythm '06 and ’09 concerts at the Australian International School Singapore.


From 2007 onwards Robert performed in a series of concerts such as at Esplanade Singapore with Grammy Award Winners, The Borderers from Scotland for the Singapore Arts Festival, a concert by Yamaha with Electone artiste/Keyboardist /Arranger/ Composer from Japan, Mr Daiju Kurasawa at the DBS Auditorium, Singapore, also a concert with British pianist Duncan McKee's band called TEMBUSU performing original compositions at the Esplanade Recital Theatre 9with whom he toured Asia with in 2009). In 2011 performed with Ayaki Saito from Yamaha Japan at Raffles Jubilee Hall. Robert has also performed on a Spanish/International recording recently in 2015 with Nantha Kumar on Indian percussions and Luis Cobo Manglis on electric guitar, Charlie Blackbird Moreno on bass and Kike Perdomo on saxophones. In 2015, Robert was the opening act for Akira Jimbo’s Drum Clinic in Singapore.


Robert is currently working on his original compositions getting set to record his own album. It is a mix of Indian, African and Asian rhythms.